Rich Stine

With twenty years of music industry experience as a performer, songwriter, academic, engineer and producer, Rich Stine has stood on both sides of the studio control room glass. The Executive Producer and Creative Director at Black Iris Music in Richmond, VA, Rich graduated from VCU with a double major in classical performance and education (minor in business) and obtained a Masters in Classical Performance. In addition to touring the world with Fighting Gravity and Stephen Kellogg, Rich has had the opportunity to work with artists and producers including The Head and The Heart, Joshua James, The Bones of J.R. Jones, Jack Joseph Puig (Green Day, Jellyfish, The Black Crowes, Stone Temple Pilots, Counting Crows), Jeff Juliano (Paramore, Dave Matthews Band, OAR, John Mayer), Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Dinosaur Jr., Ride, Wilco, Ben Folds) and Greg Calbi (Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Flaming Lips, Interpol), to name a few. As a Creative Director, Rich has also had the opportunity to work on brands including Toyota, Geico, Xbox, Chevrolet, Target and Gap to name a few. When he’s not in the studio, Rich enjoys a good cup of coffee, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with his [patient] wife and three spirited young boys. So what’s the driving force behind Rich’s vibrant music career? It’s his insatiable desire to impact others through the power of creativity.

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