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Well Respected Rock Drummer and Career Coach for Musicians, Matt Starr, Featured Speaker at ECMC 2019!

Matt Starr is a Rock Star drummer who has recorded and toured with members of KISS, Matt Starr pic 1Guns n Roses, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi and others. In the studio Matt has recorded with producers Jimmy Bralower (VP A&R Atlantic Records, Mick Jagger), Toby Wright (Metallica, Alice In Chains, Korn), Mike Chapman (Blondie, The Knack), Dave Bianco (AC/DC, Tom Petty, KISS), and others.

Being a Rock Star is not about being famous or even being a musician, it’s about Exceptionalism. “Everyday I live my own words.”, says Matt. “If this didn’t work, you would have never heard of me, because I’d be stuck where I was. My approach works for anyone with a dream.”

Matt has spent the past several years sharing his story and teaching The Rock Star Code around the world through keynote addresses, group workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions.

The Virginia Premiere of the Film Negro Terror, A Presentation by the Film Maker and a Performance by the Band!


ECMC 2019 will host the Virginia Premiere of the punk documentary NEGRO TERROR!

Negro Terror is an all African-American punk band from Memphis, Tennessee and the subject of John Rash’s new documentary  on the band.

John Rash is a professor at Ole’ Miss and in addition to the film premiere he’ll be John Rashspeaking on why he made Negro Terror and reasons for making documentaries about other bands that may not be household names just yet. The film was made in conjunction with the Southern Documentary project which “produces works of documentary storytelling from the perspective of studying the American South.”

In addition to his work with The Southern Documentary Project and teaching at the University of Mississippi, Professor Rash has taught at Duke University in North Carolina and worked for the University in Kunshan China where he also did additional documentary and commercial film work. He holds an MFA in Experimental and Documentary Art from Duke University.

To see the film, attend John Rash’s presentation and get access to every live show for the Locals Only price of just $29, click here!

Eternal Summers to Play ECMC 2019!

EternalSummers_19Feb2018_ByTomDaly-124Eternal Summers is an anthemic dream-pop and post punk band from Roanoke, VA. They have received worldwide acclaim from most of the top music criticism sites and publications. Their unique sound and intricate sensibility will be featured at ECMC 2019. The show is included with either the All Shows or Full Conference Pass, just $15-29 through October 27 with the Locals Only pricing.

The Drop Beneath is the most pristine sounding thing that Eternal Summers have ever recorded” and “indulges their more anthemic side, and the results are solid.” ~ Pitchfork

Their brand of loose-hanging, guitar driven, hook-filled pop has tightened into a fist.” ~ Paste

On their latest album, Every Day It Feels Like I’m Dying… (out this Friday, May 4 on Nevado Music), Eternal Summers find themselves grappling with feelings of hopelessness and attempting to turn it into something hopeful. Whether it’s in Nicole Yun’s empathetic, dazzling lyrical imagery or the blissful tones of her guitar melding with Daniel Cundiff’s tasteful drumming and Jonathan Woods’ swooning bass lines, the album is as therapeutic as it is a treat for your ears.” ~ KEXP

…addresses feelings of power versus powerlessness through searing guitar tones and urgent rhythms, with frontwoman Nicole Yun crafting lyrical images of competitions and precipices that leave no doubt where the anxiety is coming from.” ~ NPR’s

Nicole Yun’s sun-kissed guitar lines and wispy vocals entwine for efficient beauty, capturing the serene nature of their name perhaps more than anything else in the Eternal Summers catalog” ~ Consequence of Sound