We’re still developing programming for the ECMC and we want to hear about the things you’d like to see at the Conference. If you want to see a specific activity, panel, or type of show, drop us a line. Email us!

If you’d like to sit on a panel or speak at the ECMC we’d be love to hear your pitch. lease email us with the topic you’re interested in, a few words outlining your qualification in the topic, and if you’ve spoken before, a little info about your speaking experience.

We are especially interested in:

Speakers who can help emerging artists, small labels, and industry entrepreneurs achieve their goals

Individuals whose experience in the industry has given them something to say about stereotypes and inclusiveness, especially women who can illuminate interested attendees on what it’s like to be a woman working as a musician

Any strong and engaging speaker who can entertain and possibly educate an audience of musicians and industry professionals

Industry pros who have strong opinions one way or the other, based on facts and experience, on the effect of technology, especially streaming, on the industry

Representatives of the press, radio, and other media who can give attendees insight and advice on how to interact more effectively and positively with the media

Anything else relevant to the music industry that is fact based and not a sales pitch!