Jess Garcia

From Director & Cinematographer, to audio engineer and branding/marketing specialist, Jess Garcia has gained expert knowledge in a wide range of related fields which have led to where she is today. As the CEO and Founder of Springwood Productions, Jess has edited, produced, and directed over 250 videos since its establishment in 2008, garnering a massive list of clientele including major companies like SE Electronics, DW Drums, and Vic Firth Drumsticks, as well as high profile creative professionals including Matt Greiner of August Burns Red, Adam Gray of Texas in July, and YouTube personality and singer, Christina Grimmie. She has also worked extensively in software and application development, negotiating contracts, and providing other professional services for corporations like Siemens, Mayo Clinic, and The American Dental Association. Jess’s other major accomplishments include but are not limited to developing and creating a Mobile App used by millions of people, world travel and non-profit work in countries including Ethiopia and China, as well as marketing campaigns that obtained at least a thousand leads, some within 24 hours. All of these accomplishments were achieved before the age of 30, with many accolades granted by clients and associates for her attention to detail, and work ethic, as well as her genuine emotional connection to the people she works with. She hopes to continue to inspire people to Be Bold and go after their dreams.

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