SiO2 is silicon with a little oxygen–a breath of fresh air. For ECMC 2019 SiO2 will run as a separate track celebrating new ideas and voices in tech, startups, culture, and humanity. All SiO2 programming can be accessed with any ECMC 2019 pass – Quartz, Gold, or Platinum.

Additional speakers and events TBA.

Friday, May 10

5:30 pm – Music & Startup Happy Hour

Granby Theater, 421 Granby Street

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World, but how do you not become ‘Thank you, next’?”, Zack Miller author of Anomaly

What do Ice T, Mark Wahlberg, Queen Latifah and Will Smith have in common? They’re anomalies, duh! They leveraged their past musical careers to get their next big move, in a different media form. If you want to have mass appeal, you must learn how to excite people about what you’re doing and get them raving about it.

5,000. Yes, we consume 5,000 advertisements a day. You aren’t competing against your top competitor, rather, you are fighting against 4,999 others. If you want to stand out, you have to first get someone to look up from their screen, second screen, third screen or even fourth screen experience. If you want to be seen you have to dazzle.

Attend: Quartz, Gold, and Platinum Pass holders

Saturday, May 11

6 pm – Hashtiv Music, Worldwide Launch Party

Granby Theater, 421 Granby Street

Hashtiv is a new social media platform that is changing the game. Join then to celebrate the world wide launch of their unique music platform, Hashtiv Music. Come out for a demo and launch party at Granby Theatre before the music starts.

Attend: Invitation, Quartz, Gold, and Platinum Pass holders

Additional Events

World Hack 2019

The World Hack is a new event debuting at ECMC this year. Teams of four drawn from business, non-profits, military commands and other organizations battle each other to come up with the best solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems and to win the title of Smartest Organization in the 757. The teams are given a topic and 30 minutes to come up with a solution. They make a 10 minute presentation to a panel of judges who pick the best solution. There are four rounds with a winner of each round and an overall winning team. The winners walk out with one year of bragging rights and the championship belts!

Attend: Invitation, Quartz, Gold, and Platinum Pass holders

The Pitch Raffle

Another ECMC 2019 original, the Pitch Raffle is a unique pitch competition that send the winning founders AND an audience member home with cash in hand! How it works is simple. Audience members at the the Raffle buy a two-part raffle ticket and keep both halves. They listen to all the pitches and then put half their ticket in a bucket for their favorite idea. The tickets are counted and a winning pitch declared. Then a ticket is drawn from the winners’ bucket and the winning pitch team and the purchaser of that ticket split the entire raffle 50/50.

Attend: Invitation, Quartz, Gold, and Platinum Pass holders