ECMC 2020 Tickets

Music Only – Priority Admission

Showcases are FREE at ECMC for 2020, but venues can an do fill up! If you pre-register for Priority Registration you’ll get a wristband that takes you to the front of any showcase line and it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE and it takes just a couple of minutes. Pre-register for Priority Admission to all showcases here.

Platinum Pass 

The ECMC Platinum Pass is an incredible value for any musician or anyone wanting to work in or better understand the music industry. The Platinum Pass gives the bearer access to every seminar, panel, workshop, featured speaker, and keynote speaker.

Conference Pass holders can also receive one-on-one mentoring on a limited, first-come basis. There is not a better way to get up close and personal and learn from the real-world experiences of our speakers. These are the people who are doing more than making it in the music business of today–they’re shaping the music business of tomorrow.

Certain VIP and Limited Admission events are separate and all event admission depends on venue capacity, so if you really want to see or do something get there on time or a little early.

Artist Showcases

If you’re more about the music than the business, then ECMC is still for you! Every year ECMC Artist Showcases  present some of the best new and rising artists in the world.

For 2020 all showcase performances are free and open to the public!

Come discover your new favorite band or artist. ECMC has club shows, street parties, big concerts, and intimate shows – all FREE for 2020!

ECMC brings together the best rising talent from around the world. You get to hear about them, and hear them first!

ECMC is uniquely intimate and more than that, it’s a community. You’ll see the artists up close and very often they will hang out in the venues and listen to other artists, because they’re fans too. The bonds made at ECMC cross the lines between artist and fan and between one style of music and another. It’s one of the best things about ECMC for fans and artists. So come make a few, or a few thousand, new friends.