The Slover Library

Norfolk’s Slover Library is one of the many features that makes Norfolk a city that is uniquely suited to host one of the most expansive and innovative music conferences east of the Mississippi. The Slover has won a range of awards including honors for world class architecture and has been recognized as a Top 10 Destination Library.

The Slover’s six floors and three connected buildings are the nerve center of the ECMC. The Slover will host a wide range of events free and open to the public including, games, concerts, and activities. Unique events like Beat the Streets kick off at The Slover while other events like the Green Screen Challenge, in which attendees create a video in just two days and debut it at the conference, and Bluegrass & Beats happen entirely in the library spaces.

The Slover will host numerous speakers and panels, for conference attendees only, in it’s many meeting spaces as well as debuting the videos made during the Green Screen Challenge. Other features of The Slover that play a role in ECMC are the Slover’s 3D printers, video lab, and sound studio.

The Slover will host five stages. The first of two main stages will be in the first floor Forum. The second floor hosts the kids’ stage and the fourth hosts a stage for local youth musicians. The third floor terrace will host music throughout the four days as well as after hours shows for conference attendees and show pass holders. The sixth floor terrace will play host to the largest Slover Stage which will also host public shows throughout the conference and after hours shows for conference attendees and show pass holders.

In all the Slover’s five stages will host around 50 performances and the other facilities at the venue will host the bulk of public events and conference programming.