ECMC 2018 takes place over 4 days in and around downtown Norflok, VA. With more than 10 stages and 100 live performances in unique venues, the East Coast Music Conference offers more, and more diverse, musical experiences than any other conference.  ECMC will have music of almost every type in traditional venues and completely unique spots, whether a rooftop or one of America’s most innovative libraries.

At the heart of the East Coast Music Conference is The Slover Library. The Slover is acclaimed not just as a library but as a public space, for its architecture, and as an example of forward thinking in the technological age. Reader’s Digest named it The Most Impressive Library in Virginia and The Dallas Morning News named it a Library Worth Travelling For.

For ECMC the Slover will host 5 performance spaces, panels, speakers, games, vendors, and many more events and competitions that will both engage music fans as well as giving musicians and industry professionals limitless opportunities to learn and make vital connections. See the venue page for The Slover for specifics!

ECMC is proud to call the City of Norfolk home. Norfolk is a must play, must visit city for any musician or music fan. Norfolk’s history of setting trends in American music can be traced back to at least the earliest days of recorded music. It was the home of leading jazz artists during the Jazz Age. In the 1950s it was home to Gene Vincent & the Bluecaps and one of the birthplaces of rockabilly.  In the 1960s The Norfolk Sound became one of the most imitated sounds in music history. From the 70s through the 90s Norfolk was home to one of the most enduring and original punk scenes anywhere in the world.

Norfolk is one of the most acclaimed and progressive cities in the U.S. on numerous fronts and is only getting better with each passing year. Norfolk’s public art and museums are among the best in the nation. The theatre, symphony, and opera are all nationally acclaimed, and the Virginia International Tattoo and Virginia Arts Festival enjoy worldwide reputations. Among Norfolk’s other distinctions are being selected to participate in Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities initiative, being named in the 50 Best Places to Visit, a Top 5 Favorite City, and one of the Friendliest Cities in America by Travel & Leisure. Granby Street, one of the hubs of ECMC activity, was named one of the 8 Amazing American Streets You’ve Never Heard Of by the New York Post. Norfolk is also a mecca for tech and entrepreneurship in the southeast and has been named a Magnet for Millennials.

The toughest part about attending ECMC will be deciding which panels, which speakers, which shows, and which sights to check out. If you’re a musician, come to one of America’s great music cities, meet 10,000 new friends, and add the skills and connections to take your music career to the next level. If you’re a fan come listen to 100 of the best up and coming artists in the world in intimate and unique venues, meet 10,000 new friends of your own, and connect with musicians and the creative side of the music industry in ways you might not be able to anywhere else.