Sponsorships Vendors Exhibitors

The ECMC has many, many sponsorship opportunities for businesses and organizations of virtually any size or budget. We want you here and we want you to be able to be included in the ECMC. Email us with any questions and a contact number and/or email and one of our consultants will get back to you ASAP!

Options include various event sponsorships up to and including the Diamond, Multi-Platinum, Platinum, and Gold sponsorships that give your brand a strong presence throughout the conference, and opportunities as modest as sponsoring a single panel.

Corporate parties are available at any of several surprising and fun locations. Corporate parties include everything needed to make a show happen passes for a significant number of your guests, and an ECMC artist performing at your branded event, as well as significant advertising and marketing of your event and space set aside for the press to attend.

The ECMC Expo takes place right next door to the conference and a 10×10 both is only $500 for Friday and Saturday. This is an extremely affordable way for your company to make a huge impact at the ECMC and meet thousands of new customers.

Information tables are available in The Slover for just $250. Ideal for small businesses and non-profits, virtually every attendee of the ECMC will pass by these tables. They’re small in size (2×5) but the opportunity to reach attendees is huge.

Advertising opportunities range from strategic placement of banners & display graphics to sponsorship of swag bags & shirts to insertion of items and special offers into the bags distributed to all 10,000 ECMC attendees.

We’re ready to help you get the most benefit and fan interaction for whatever budget you have. Get in touch!