danny-jimmy.pngDanny & Jimmy – Hip Hop/Latin – Alexandria, VA  Video






Nea Agostini picNea Agostini – Pop/Alternative – Santiago, Chile Video
Chilean Pop-Rock Alternative Duo Nea Agostini will haunt you with their artistry and distinctive sound. With a solid independent work, Nea and his brother Ale have pursued a distinctive career in Latin pop/rock indie music touring all over Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Italy, USA and Chile.
Currently they are working on new music with which they will surely be able to establish themselves as the artist of the moment in Latin pop rock music scene.



Pedro Menendez picPedro Menendez Fusion Ensemble – Jazz/Latin – Buenos Aries, Argentina
With a vast discography and live international experience destined to keep growing in Argentina, Brazil, USA, Canada, Europe and Taiwan, Pedro Menendez is an Argentine brilliant composer and gifted multi-instrumentalist with an unique style of blending South American roots, jazz and contemporary classical elements.
Remaining the vanguard of Argentina’s jazz scene since the 80’s, and accompanied by a fine rhythmic section of talented musicians, Pedro Menendez stands out for his unique innovative crossover Latin perspective where beauty, polyrhythmic propulsion and first-class improvisation converge.