Augusta RayAugusta Ray – Country – Nashville, TN/Toronto Video

She wears leather like a Rockstar, sings like an angel, or the devil when she needs too, grew up listening to Classic Rock and Country, and was named New Country Singer and New Country Entertainer for 2017 by The North American Country Music Association International.
She’s a Badass Sweet Singin’, Rockin’ Country Darlin’.



Erath Old2Erath Old – Country – Nashville, TN Video

Performing over 200 dates a year, one must buckle up for an Erath Old show, even to just listen to his new album Heartbeat. Whether you see him in an intimate solo setting or with his full band, from the first word to the last note it is clear that his intent is to take you on the ride with him, through his youth, his heart, his hometown, his memories and his people. With a coy grin and a raised eyebrow, Erath Old fuses all we love about the ghosts of country western with the spry rhythms of today’s “pop,” with a dash of raw grudge that has been a part of his musical development.


unnamedGypsy Store Troubadours – Rock/Country/Americana – Oklahoma Video
At the crossroads where country, pop, rock and Americana meet, you will find the Gypsy Store Troubadours. With a sound and style as unique as the small Oklahoma town that they hail from, GST blurs the lines and provides a fresh approach to songwriting.




Jenni Dale Lord PicJenni Dale Lord – Country/Rock – Lubbock, TX Video

Part Texas, part Bakersfield, part old school and new, Jenni Dale Lord Band has created a style all their own, blending elements of country, rock, and blues into one tasty emulsification. Jenni Dale Lord Rocked the live music capital of the world, Austin, TX, for over a decade, but has since returned to her roots in Lubbock where she joined forces with her friend and lead guitar player, Steve Lott. The two are embarking on an east coast tour marking the ECMC as the beginning of their journey.



Pete+Lanctot+SoloPete & the Stray Dogs – Folk/Americana/Country – NYC Video

Frontman and songwriter Pete Lanctot leads his amorphous cast of Stray Dogs with avant garde fiddler, Ginger Dolden. Pete + The Stray Dogs takes form as an acoustic duo, as an electric five piece, and everything in between. Lanctot’s narrative songwriting has been likened to artists such as The Carter Family, Townes Van Zandt and “a backwoods Nick Cave,” and is firmly rooted in blues, folk, country, and experimental music, offering pinhole views into the lives of characters that range from real to mythological.


Woody 3Woody Woodworth & the Piners – Americana/Country – Richmond, VA Video