Banchi picBanchi – Rock/Alternative – Allentown, PA Video

A four-piece rock group from the sticks and suburbs of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, combine the familiar sounds of grunge, classic rock, and psychedelic rock to use as a vessel to transcend space and time. Live and in studio, Banchi allows the energy of themselves and the atmosphere around them to venture into the open world of improvisational jam.



tour band picBonsai Trees – Alternative/Rock – Connecticut/Pennsylvania Video

Bonsai Trees is a high-energy rock band co-founded in 2011 by James MacPherson (singer/songwriter/guitarist) and Nick Sokol (drummer/backing vocals). Their large catalog of music is fresh and relatable, with memorable chord progressions and relevant lyrics. The band is currently touring with Marshall Biever (lead guitar) and Larry Sniscak (bass guitar) to promote their second full length LP “Not Bitter”. They previously released an EP “Live Free and Die”, an LP “Minimalist”, and several singles.


Broke Royals Press PhotoBroke Royals – Rock/Alternative – Washington, D.C. Video

Broke Royals are a well-dressed alternative rock band from Washington DC. Colin Cross and Philip Basnight started collaborating at William & Mary in 2014. They have since added live members, toured the country and, in November 2017, released their debut LP.



Foxfire picThe Foxfires – Rock – West Nyack, NY Video

The Foxfires are a Seagaze band from Nyack, NY formed in 2013. The band has been playing shows extensively across the east coast and midwest, making their mark on the world with their positive message for four years with their positively charged songs.



FTC picFrom the Concrete – Pop-punk/Rock – Clifton, NJ Video
From the Concrete is a female fronted pop punk band with powerful vocals and catchy guitar riffs. Hailing from Clifton, New Jersey, they are a fresh take on a familiar scene, with a new spin on the nostalgic “2000s pop punk” sound that New Jersey is no stranger to.




Kai OKai Orion picrion – Rock/Experimental – Washington, D.C. Video

Kai Orion is an experimental pop musician from Washington, D.C. His music blends unorthodox instrumentation (beatbox flute, wine glasses, various found sounds) with accessible songwriting and heartfelt vocals that have been compared to Peter Gabriel and Tom Waits. Whether he’s playing the flute or a lawnmower, it’s the sincerity of Orion’s songs that make his music truly special.



Mercury picMercury & the Architects – Alternative/Rock – NYC Video

Mercury and the Architects is a lively, charismatic creative collective based out of New York City that’s spent the last four years developing a new innovative way of telling stories through music and visual art. Brother-and-sister duo TJ Mercury (vocals/production) and Chelsea Rae (keyboard/artist) reunited at their childhood home and realized they could create a unique artistic experience using original art from their early years.


Nea Agostini picNea Agostini – Pop/Alternative – Santiago, Chile Video
Chilean Pop-Rock Alternative Duo Nea Agostini will haunt you with their artistry and distinctive sound. With a solid independent work, Nea and his brother Ale have pursued a distinctive career in latin pop/rock indie music touring all over Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Italy, USA and Chile.
Currently they are working on new music with which they will surely be able to establish themselves as the artist of the moment in Latin pop rock music scene.



The Poynt Square_HiResThe Poynt – Alternative Rock – Queens, NY Video

Hailing from Astoria, Queens, The Poynt has made it their mission to never play it safe. With the release of their 2015 debut album ‘This is American Royalty,’ a progressive rock concept album, and most recently a two-part alternative rock EP entitled ‘Alpha Queue’ and ‘Alpha Queue II’, The Poynt finds its comfort zone in creating music without borders.



RoseCoraPerry_TheTruthUntold_Promo2018_1Rose Cora Perry & the Truth Untold – Rock/Alternative – London, Ontario Video

Named one of the Top #10 indie acts across Canada, within 6 months of coming together, Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold conquered audiences of 25,000+ , performing at notable festivals and winning over crowds of 20-somethings & baby boomers alike. They’re high energy, refreshing and modern with a hint of 90s aesthetic. Picture Benatar on vocals and Jett on guitar, backed by hard hitting rhythms and infectious melodies.

Sheila – R&B/Alternative – Fairfax, VA Video 

They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this Alternative Rock Band. Composed of three inspirational, strong, and educated black women, the artists behind Sheila have earned their reputation as a talented band to look out for. From live gigs to studio sessions and more, they continue to touch fans with their distinct and enjoyable musical style.


Skinny is Green – Alternative – Baltimore, MD Video


The SlangThe Slang – Alternative – Washington D.C. Video

Slang is the unofficial language of any culture. Inspired by this concept ‘The Slang’ is an American indie rock band that writes about common topics from their uncommon perspective.


Sparky QuanoSparky Quano – Rock/Experimental – Kanagawa, Japan Video






Spirit Plots still promo shotSpirit Plots – Alternative/Rock/Post-punk – Washington, DC Video

Hailing from DC, Spirit Plots gives nods to late 70s Euro post-punk and 90s indie rock, while reinventing modern post-punk. Spirit Plots creates spastic song structures that clock in at under two minutes. Hit ‘em hard, fast, and keep ‘em wanting more.




Tornado Bait – Alternative/Americana – Hampton, VA