Artist of the Week – Ducain

Each week until 2021 we’ll feature an artist who was scheduled for ECMC 2020 prior to the postponement due to COVID-19.

The artist for the week of June 29 is Ducain from Huntington, WV!

Hailing from the hollers and hills of West Virginia, Ducain makes Rock and Roll music for the dusty places of the American South where tradition and progress come to fight. Lost love, envy, family, brawling and repentance are all mentioned here.
Jeremy Sargent writes, sings, and plays with Southern soul, while Austin Lewis fills the spaces with melodic fire. Rich Mills and Jared Holley set the foundation and shake the ground with rolling thunder. The band comes together to labor with one another to create something bigger and better than themselves.

Also check out the ECMC online premiere of Ducain’s concert film, Loaded Strong on July 3rd at 7 pm!